Hair Bleaching Set Powder Lightener Wanna Be Blond 17.6 oz and Bond Angel 100ml set plus Homecare

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This is Ultimate Bleaching Set for perfect color!

The kit contains:

Wanna Be Blond Bleach Powder 17.6 oz

Bond Angel Bond Multiplier Treatment Kit 3.38 fl. oz (Steps 1, 2, 2)

Bond Angel Step 3 Bond Fortifier 3.38 fl. oz

Wanna Be Blonde Bleach Powder 17.6 oz

The Bleaching Powder Wanna Be Blonde lightens up to 9 shades, working in a harmonious way with a developer to create majestic shades with supreme fiber preservation and radiant brilliance. 

Balayage Powder, Sombre via the powder, perfect for getting cool blonde hair. The powder is purple that promotes the creation of cold, anti-yellow blonde shades and has a high brightening speed. If you add a developer, it will easily turn into lightening cream for hair.

Brae Bleach Powder Dust - Free and Collagen is recommended for all open air and foil techniques. It will not dry out nor become powdery, providing great consistency for your balayage techniques. The main ingredient is Collagen for elasticity and shine.

Powder for extra hair protection. Highly recommend for coloring and bleaching processes.

Why Wanna Be Blond Bleach Powder more powerful than market-leading products in this category?

1. Improves VISCOSITY for easy application.

2. Increases STABILITY during lightening processes (without concerns of puffing/swelling).

3. Improves lifting and supports PRECISE COLOR RESULTS.

4. DECREASES HEATING during foil highlighting.

5. Ultra PROTECTION during bleaching processes.

6. Extra HYDRATION and increased conditioning. 


8. Extra SHINE.

Incredibly easy-to-use - just mix one part of Wanna Be Blond Bleach Powder to one part of and two parts of a cream developer of your choice. Or you can mix one part directly into any hair color.

As a result, you will get soft, smooth and silky hair.

Main Actives

Crotein H: it acts as a protective agent during lightening.

Splendor Oil MX 10: a technology that combines 10 oils in a powerful blend that leaves hair soft, shiny and healthy. This formula contains the following oils: macadamia, peach, hazelnut, chia, kukui, baobab, moringa, batana, canola, argan.

Bond Angel Bond Multiplier Treatment Kit 3.38 fl. oz (Steps 1, 2, 2)

About the product

Bond Angel multiplies and protects the hair bonds, preventing damage and breakage. Therefore, it actually helps you to achieve the desired platinum blond or any other result of chemical transformation with safety and vitality to the hair, leaving them stronger than ever.

Main Actives

Special protein developed with hydrolyzed collagen

Bond Angel has a smaller special molecule that is more easily absorbed into the cortex, this aids recovery of the hair fiber and minimizes the damage caused by chemicals.

Bond Angel Step 3 Bond Fortifier 3.38 fl. oz

About the product

Bond Fortifier is the final step but it is essential for the post transformation of any Bond Angel treatments. By using twice a week, it seals the hair bonds recovery process and ensures maximum beauty, luminosity and integrity for the hair that always aims for a gorgeous look!

1. Add 0.07 fl. oz to Step 1: Bond Maker to every 0.35 oz of bleaching powder.

2. Add the desired amount of hydrogen peroxide.

3. Mix until smooth, usually apply to the hair strands using the standard process for bleaching.

4. Rinse with water only.

5. Apply 0.68 fl. oz to Step 2: Bond Reconstructor on the strands.

6. Comb hair, spreading evenly. Let it stand for 20 minutes and then rinse.

7. Apply shampoo, conditioner or color wash of your choice.