Bond Angel Toning Blonde Balance Shampoo and Acidificante pH Matizador Home Set 8.5 fl.oz

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The Brae Bond Angel toner line has been specially developed for care and maintenance of blonde and platinum colours and shades. With unique formulas that treat the discoloured threads while neutralizing yellowish notes of the hair. It provides protection from heat applied to the hair and daily care for a beautiful and healthy blonde tone!


Blonde Balance Shampoo: Without salt and with remineralizing and nourishing action, shampoo cleanses gently without harming the hair fiber, revitalizing the colour, shine and health of hair. For luxurious, bright and recovered platinum hair.

Toning Acidifying PH: The bond angel PH neutralizes the yellowish tones of blonde and discoloured hair, while at the same time nourishing each strand of hair leaving them deeply bright, soft and in the ideal tone of blonde. Turn brassy tones into platinum hair.


The colour balance has master precision with the bond angel toning. Its micro pigmented particles cool the balance tones with time and intensify the reflection of light.


  1. Apply the Bone Angel Blonde balance shampoo to wet hair and let it sit for 5 minutes
  2. Do not exceed more than 5 minutes and rinse out
  3. Apply Blonde Angel toning acidifying PH strand by strand
  4. Use a fine-tooth comb through the entire section from roots to the end
  5. Leave to sit in hair for 5 to 20 minutes according to the desired hair tone
  6. Rinse.