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Puring (Protein Infusion Therapy) 5.8 fl.oz

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Smart and express, the one-step formula layoff the anti-residue shampoo initial washing, and reaches 100% hair straightening effect in the first application. You will get a amazing smooth hair with impressive brightness. 


Offer in your salon the dream of straightening with the most absolutely gorgeous hair for up to 3 months. Much more than smooth hair: pure actives and extraordinary shine.

Get the best smoothing result for up to 3 months with Puring. The formula is innovative and unique, with advanced nanotechnology that makes the hair straight and silky with incredible shine. Get to know Puring and fall in love!


1. Before the application, you must shake the bottle of Puring.

2. Don’t need to wash the hair with any anti-residue shampoo.

3. Section the hair into 4 equal parts with hair clips. Apply the product in one section starting from the base of the head. Use a fine-tooth comb to comb through the entire section, from the roots to the ends, making sure the whole length of hair is covered by the product. Repeat the same step for other sections.

4. Let the product act on the hair 40 to 50 minutes, according to the hair resistance.

5. Rinse the hair removing only 50% of the applied product.

6. With the hair dryer set to hot air, blow dry the hair doing brushing.

7. Divide the hair into four parts and then flat iron the hair from 10 to 12 times from root to the middle of the strands, and from 4 to 6 times on to the ends. The flat iron temperature should range between 380 to 450 degrees Fahrenheit (using lower temperatures for blond hair or when the hair is more damaged). 

8. After the flat iron process, the hair is ready. Don’t need to rinse or apply any mask.