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Luxurious Platinum Hair!

Bond Angel multiplies and protects the hair bonds, preventing damage and breakage. Therefore, it actually helps you to achieve the desired platinum blond or any other result of chemical transformation with safety and vitality to the hair, leaving them stronger than ever.

Maximum protection during color and chemical services

Creating perfect platinum blonde hair has never been so easy and safe, Bond Angel brings a new revolutionary formula that lets you get the Real Platinum Blonde hair. It’s a dream come true!

Bond Angel Fortifier - Home Treatment

Bond Fortifier is the final step but it is essential for the post transformation of any Bond Angel treatments. By using twice a week, it seals the hair bonds recovery process and ensures maximum beauty, luminosity and integrity for the hair that always aims for a gorgeous look!

How does it work?

  • It restructures the hair immediately to support the chemical process Reducing hair breakage and damage drastically
  • It has many uses: Bleaching, Highlights, Balayage, Lightning Extensions, Color and Keratin Treatment
  • Compatible with all chemical brands
  • An incredible treatment which acts on the health of hair
  • It can be used as a separate treatment to recover fiber

Why is Bond Angel useful?  What does it do?

Set your creativity free with the most powerful support for your professional talent. Very easy to use, Bond Angel co-creates perfect platinum blond hair with a flawless straight finish, alone or with any other chemical transformation, leaving the hair even stronger, healthier and gorgeous than before.

The result on the hair

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